Friday, December 19, 2014

friday five - 12.19.14

Happy Friday! It's my last week of work before having an entire week off to celebrate Christmas with my family! I can't wait to be at home with my little Westy for an entire week!!! Friday is the day to share 5 things, and these are 5 things that make me happy!

I have to start today's post with some exciting news....

{one} My sister is engaged!!! Parry asked her to marry him on Sunday morning, and we couldn't be happier! 
They're so amazing together, and I can't wait to celebrate their special day!

{two} Another exciting thing that happened this weekend is that Kristin turned 30! 
We celebrated in a big way, and somehow I wasn't very hungover the next day. GO ME! :) 

{three} Weston met Santa this week! He wasn't too sure of him right away, and mostly wanted to get down and touch the trees, but he didn't cry or freak out, so I'm calling it a win! 

{four} I won a giveaway from Stormy's blog, and I am so obsessed with it. Sometimes Sweet Studio makes the cutest signs!! 

{five} I don't really have a fifth one, other than the fact that after today, I'm off of work for an entire week (plus weekends!) and I get to spend lots of time with our amazing families. That is the best part of Christmas - but don't worry. There's going to be Christmas cookies too. :)

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

white plum {review & giveaway}

 Hilary Zwahlen has danced at the Emmy's, performed on Oxygen's "Dance Your Ass Off", starred in an episode of MTV's "Made", among many other roles, but it wasn't until she became a wife and mom that she harnessed her creative energy to create an accessible lifestyle brand - White Plum.

White Plum was started on the idea that looking fabulous shouldn't take a lot of time or money. Hilary wanted to create a boutique filled with stylish and affordable items, and she's succeeded. The decades of experience in marketing, management, retail and the creative arts that White Plum's owners and employees have helps them provide that the best possible customer service. 

The shop is filled with amazing items. 
Trying to narrow down a list of my favorite items in the shop wasn't easy, but here are twelve of my favorites...

All of that can magically appear in my closet... I would be completely fine with that! :) 

Another one of my favorite items is the Tonalli Knit Tunic. As soon as I took it out of the package, I had to put it on! It was so soft, and I just couldn't wait! I love how subtle the colors are, and the fabric hangs perfectly! 

It's not too late to get some Christmas shopping in! From now until 12/24, you can get 25% off of everything with promo code LLPPHOLIDAY25! Plus, they're offering up free standard shipping through the end of the year! That is an awesome combo!!

White Plum is also offering up $50 to one lucky LL&PP reader! 
There's a bunch of ways to enter... so get going!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

weston: 15 months

Like I mentioned in Weston's 12 month update, I plan on doing occasional updates on Weston, and this is one of those. It's a little different than my monthly posts were, but I wanted to make sure to document how quickly he's changing!


what's new: I feel like so much has changed since his 12 month update. He has gone from walking to running, talks constantly, plays with everything and is so much fun. I feel like he learns something new every day, and it's so amazing to watch. 

stats: We had our 15 month checkup yesterday, and Weston is right on schedule. 
He weighs 28.6 lbs and is 32.75 inches tall (2 feet 8.8 inches). 

hair color: Still that adorable red. 

eye color: an adorable blue, with flecks of hazel.

nicknames: Westy is pretty much his only nickname now, and I love it SO MUCH. 
We also call him kid, stinker and silly quite often. 

wearing: He's wearing almost all 24 month now, with the occasional 2T shirt and 18 month pant. He's up to size 6 in shoes, and still wearing size 4 in diapers. 

saying: He talks NON-STOP but a lot of it is still gibberish. He says mom, dad, ball and has just started saying tree (thank you Christmas) and he has so many other sounds that WE know what they mean... just no one else. 

sleeping: He has always been a great sleeper, and for that we are eternally grateful. He's going to bed around 8:30pm and wakes up between 7 and 8am. He's trying to decide if he wants to take one nap or two... when we're at home it's almost always two, but if he's at my dad's it's usually one. His naps are usually 1-2 hours long, and while I would prefer one longer nap, we'll keep doing whatever works for our little guy!

eating: Weston LOVES to eat. He eats all "grown up" food, and loves it. We almost always order him a kids meal when we go out because sharing with him just doesn't leave enough food! When we're at home, we try to give him the same thing we're eating... but he also has his staples in case we're eating something not toddler friendly. His favorite foods are eggs, cheese, fruit (especially berries, bananas and grapes), bread/toast, cheeseburgers and oreos. He definitely has his mama's sweet tooth! There aren't many foods he doesn't like, but a few would be blueberries, most veggies (we're working on that), and tomatoes. We've started giving him a fork, and watching him learn to eat with it is so much fun. Every time a bite is successfully put in his mouth, he sets down his fork and claps for himself. Absolutely precious!!!

likes: He loves playing with stuff, especially if it makes noise. He loves figuring out how to push buttons, put things in things, stack things and make noise. His favorite things are balls and cups. He's usually walking around with a cup filled with balls, blocks or his water cup. He's still a definite blanket baby... it's never far away. Some days he comes up to me and he somehow has like 4 blankets all at once. He loves "sharing" and will give you pretty much everything... you just better be ready to give it back. 

dislikes: He HATES being kept still, getting diaper changes and being tired. As long as you don't do those things, Weston is a super happy camper. He's starting to show when he's upset about something by laying on the ground and scooting backwards, which is equal parts cute and annoying. We're hoping to avoid most of the tantrum stage, but there are bound to be some. We're flying for 3.5 hours with him soon, and we're really nervous because he is not a lap sitter, hates being cooped up and doesn't sleep in public. Wish us luck!

mommy: I love this stage so much. Watching him learn things and become more independent makes my heart swell with pride, but also makes me miss the squishy baby he used to be. He loves laughing, and I love making him laugh. I wish he'd cuddle more, but his silly antics more than make up for that! 

the pups: Weston LOVES his dogs. He learned how to give dog treats, and wants to give about 10 a day now. It's absolutely adorable how happy he is every night when we get home and see the dogs through the door. He loves holding out his hand and having them kiss it, and will do that forever. They're so tolerant of him, and are starting to actually enjoy his company again. When Cooper is in a playful mood, he'll play "chase" by running around the house and whipping around corners, which Weston thinks is hilarious! I can't wait to watch him grow up with his furry siblings. 


Monday, December 15, 2014

Kiss InstaWave {review}

I am definitely not one of those girls that will be doing a hair tutorial anytime soon. I would love to be that talented, but I'm just not.

That being said, I like my hair to look nice, and am constantly on the hunt for things that will help me with that.

Enter the Kiss InstaWave!

The Kiss InstaWave is a full automatic, tangle-free curler that creates beautiful curls instantly. The curl dial allows you to curl to the left and the right, creating perfect curls from any angle and with both hands. It has an automatic shut off (at 90 minutes) and has both a high and a low heat setting, with a max temperature of 420 degrees.

Kiss has written how to use the InstaWave in four easy steps, complete with pictures!
Since they did such a great job, I'll let them give you the directions:

I was more than a little skeptical, and pretty terrified that my hair would get tangled on there and I'd be chopping my hair off. But - it's pretty much impossible to get your hair tangled on the Instawave, and it's so easy to use! I was able to do it on my first try!!!

(excuse the horrible bathroom photos - I wanted to take them right as I was doing my hair)

It took a couple curls to get used to the motion/which button to push, but once I got the hang of it, curling my hair with the InstaWave was really easy! Since my hair is on the shorter side, it makes more of a wave than an actual curl, but with this length, I actually like that better.

My only negative is that you can't get the hair super tight around the barrel, which makes it more of a wave than a curl. I think that the InstaWave would be even better for longer hair, and would be able to create more of a curl. If you have long hair, or are looking for something that will make loose waves in your hair... the Kiss InstaWave would be perfect!

**thanks to BrandBacker and Kiss for sponsoring this post!!**

Friday, December 12, 2014

friday five - 11.12.12

It's Friday, and there are five things that are making me especially excited for this weekend.
Wanna know what they are? Good, because I'm going to tell you! :)

{one} Not only is it the weekend... it's supposed to be SO WARM! I can't wait to get out for a family walk.
(you know you live in a cold environment when you think 40 degrees is a heat wave.)

{two} The Canadian Pacific Railroad Holiday Train is making a stop in downtown Saint Paul tonight, and the Roe family is going to be there! Weston loves trains and Christmas lights... and I can't wait to see how he reacts to a giant train covered in Christmas lights! 

{three} Tomorrow morning, my girlfriend Melissa and I are meeting up for a mani/pedi date! It's been way too long, my poor feet are so excited, and I'm excited to have some grownup girl time with my good buddy!

{four} We have absolutely NOTHING planned for Sunday, and I plan on enjoying it. Sure, we have stuff around the house to do... but nowhere to go, and nothing we HAVE to do. I can't wait. 

{five} Last, but definitely not least... it's my Beeb's 30th birthday today!!!!! I can't really believe that we're really this old... but it's ok. We're just like that wine she loves to drink so much - we just keep getting better with age!! We're getting wild and crazy on Saturday night, and I can't wait! I just hope we don't get too wild or too crazy, because I have a knack for getting very hungover now.


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Thursday, December 11, 2014

next stop: Anna Maria Island

The Roes are going on vacation! We're officially running away from the cold Minnesota winter, and escaping to Anna Maria Island in Florida!

We can't wait... we plan on relaxing, swimming, being warm and having so much fun. 

But... I need some help on a few things.

1. What should we do while at Anna Maria Island?
Our main goal is to relax and enjoy some family time... but we want to make sure to do some fun stuff too! If you've ever been to Anna Maria Island and have a suggestion, please share! Whether it's an activity, a must see spot or a yummy restaurant. I want to know about it!

2. How do we survive a plane ride with a 16 month old?
Weston is such a good boy, but he is a busy body, and does not enjoy sitting still. he doesn't care about watching TV, and phone apps usually only grab his interest for a few minutes. Do you have any tips for traveling with a toddler? I NEED THEM!

3. How do you pack for a 16 month old? 
Since Weston is under two, we didn't book him a seat on the plane. (gotta enjoy that free flight while we can!) I know that baby gear is free to fly, but I don't know the details. Is it one item? Two items? As many as we want? Does he get a bag of his own? Can we pack snacks or do we have to buy them from the airport? Seriously... I'm a newbie. Help. 


We're so excited about our upcoming family vacation, and are counting down the days until the sand hits our toes!!! Now all we need is your help! So leave a comment and help us out! :)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Weston's first trip to the ER.

I knew that as a boy mom, I'd be dealing with lots of bumps and bruises, but I didn't really think that ER room visits would be happening quite so soon. 

Our busy body little boy decided it'd be a good idea to fight a coffee table... and he lost.

We were at our friend's house for about 10 minutes, when Weston decided to crack his head open. We cleaned him up, and were debating about whether or not to bring him in, so we called a nurse care line. The nurse suggested that based on how we described his cut, we should go see a doctor. Of course it was 6:30 on a Saturday, so the only option was the emergency room. We headed to the closest hospital, and hoped that it wasn't busy.

waiting in the ER waiting room

We ended up waiting in the waiting room for about half an hour, and then were called into triage. They took his heart rate, weighed him, asked us what happened and sent us back into the waiting area.

After about another 45 minutes, we were brought into a room to see a doctor. She decided that gluing the cut would be much less invasive for Weston (they'd have to sedate him for stitches) and would work well for his type of wound. She sent a nurse in to apply numbing ointment that was supposed to take 15 minutes, but we ended up waiting an hour.

family selfie in the ER room 

our little tough guy!

When the doctor finally came back in, she brought reinforcements. There were two nurses that were going to hold Weston down while she glued his cut back together. They also brought a papoose - AKA torture device. I know that it was needed, and I know it didn't hurt him, but watching Weston struggle, cry and scream trying to escape tugged at my mama bear heartstrings.

evil papoose!

Luckily, the gluing didn't take very long at all, and once they released Weston from his cage, they gave him to me for some snuggles. Our sweet boy immediately started smiling, even with his crocodile tears.

look at that sweet boy

We were supposedly "all done", but ended up waiting in the room for another half hour for our discharge paperwork. Trying to keep a busy body toddler entertained for that long when it's way past his bedtime wasn't easy, but Weston was such a good boy.

finally going home!

The doctor mentioned that we could give him Tylenol for pain, and we were a little worried that he'd be out of sorts the next day, but he definitely wasn't. He was back to his normal, silly, busy body self... which made mommy and daddy so happy!


While we would have rather NOT spent our Saturday night in the emergency room, we are so proud of our brave little boy. He did so well throughout it all, and now he has some "tough guy swag". :)

(I'm also pretty proud of mom and dad for holding it together. hahaha!)