Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Weston meets Tyler.

One of the things that was really important to me after Tyler was born was that Weston was able to meet him on his own, and that it was a special moment for our family. I was worried about capturing the moment with pictures instead of being IN the moment, which is why I was SO GRATEFUL that Sara Jayne agreed to be there with us to take pictures. Knowing SJ was going to capture the moment our boys met for the first time helped me relax, and helped me focus on that special moment. 

Of course, Sara Jayne went above and beyond. These photos will be treasured FOREVER. 
Such a special moment for our family! 


Monday, October 12, 2015

Tyler's birth story

Making the decision to schedule a c-section for Tyler was not an easy one. I debated it for the majority of my pregnancy, but at the 36 week ultrasound, the decision seemed clear. Tyler was measuring the same (even a little bigger!) than Weston was at 36 weeks, and I knew that I did NOT want to risk going through a difficult labor experience again, so the c-section seemed like the safe and responsible choice. As soon as we selected our date, I knew it was the right choice. All the stress of "will labor work this time?", "when will he come?", "just how big will he be?" all washed away, and I was able to just be excited about meeting our sweet little guy. 

Having September 23rd as Tyler's birthday gave us a clear deadline. I was able to finish everything at work, spend some special time during our last days as a family of three, and mentally prepare for becoming a mommy for the second time. 

The night before our c-section was a bit emotional for me. I cried as I put Weston to bed, and even though I knew that a brother would be the best thing ever for him, my heart hurt at the thought of his life changing so much. I struggled with feeling guilt for changing his life and feeling excited about our new baby. I was so excited to meet him, but our life was so "easy" and I was scared at it changing. Jake and I laid in bed that night, discussing baby names (we still hadn't decided on a name) and talked about the big day. Finally, at around midnight, we turned off the lights, put away our phones and fell asleep.

We woke up at around 6:45am to excited text messages from our friends and family, and got ready for our big day. All the fear from the day before had turned to excitement, and I couldn't stop smiling. We got Weston dressed, made sure our bags were all packed, and headed to my dad's house a little after 8am. 

After a few family photos, lots of hugs and kisses, and some tears (from mommy of course!), we were on our way to the hospital! My tears wouldn't stop once we got in the car, and I made Jake turn on Britney Spears to "pump me up". It helped instantly, and the excitement was back. 

Walking into Labor & Delivery not in labor felt a little strange. I wasn't in labor, but we were meeting our baby today! A nurse brought us to our triage room (the same one we were in for Weston!) and got me all settled in. They started my first IV a little after 9am, and then it was a pretty steady stream of doctors and nurses stopping by to check in and go over things. They all kept commenting on "what a big baby" this was going to be, and people started making guesses on his weight. A resident guessed 9 lb 6 oz, our nurse guessed just under 10 lbs, and my doctor guessed 9 lb 3 oz. We went over a lot of paperwork, and patiently waited our turn to go into the OR. Everyone was so friendly, and we were laughing and joking around all morning. 

Our surgery was scheduled for 11am, so Jake got into his scrubs at around 10:30am. At a little after 11am, the anesthesiologist came in to go over the game plan, and we were told we'd be going to surgery around noon instead. Two nurses came around noon to bring me into the OR to get ready for surgery. It felt so strange to walk into an OR, sit down at the table and start discussing everything that would be happening. Luckily, everyone in the OR room was so friendly, and we had lots of fun joking around while prepping for surgery. 

Jake was still in the triage room, waiting to be brought into the OR. He was getting the camera, and luckily took a test picture. NO MEMORY CARD! Luckily, I had brought my laptop, so he was able to hunt around and find an extra one. Jake came into the OR around 12:30pm, and we got started. We were meeting our baby!!! Jake went to take a few pictures... MEMORY CARD FULL!!! I had prepped a memory card, and then left it at home, and the extra one was full! SERIOUSLY!!! Jake quickly deleted pictures to make room, and it all worked out, but I felt pretty silly!

At 12:43pm, Tyler Thomas Roe came busting into the world with a loud cry! Our baby boy was here! They cleaned him up, measured him, and everyone couldn't wait to find out how much he weighed. They shouted "9 lb 3 oz!" and we all cheered, because my doctor had guessed perfectly! 

Unlike Weston's birth, Jake and Tyler were able to stay in the OR with me while I was closed up. It was so amazing to spend time with my husband and our baby so quickly, and doing skin to skin with him made the rest of the surgery go by much quicker. The anesthesiologists were so nice, and kept taking pictures for us while we spent time as a family.

After surgery, we were brought to a recovery room, where I was able to hold Tyler more, and practice breastfeeding. He latched like a champ, and was so snuggly! I had forgotten how little and squishy and adorable newborn babies are! 

We were brought to our hospital room a little after 3pm (room #2621), and about an hour later, Weston came to meet his brother! Our sweet friend and photographer, Sara Jayne, was sweet enough to come take pictures of our family's special moment, and I will treasure those pictures FOREVER! (they're getting a post of their own)

Our families stopped by that night to meet Tyler as well, but mostly, we were left alone. I remember being bombarded by nurses after Weston's birth, but this time, the nurses only came in if we needed something or if vitals needed to be taken.

Tyler got his first bath the first night, and he seemed to love it. He didn't cry at all!

The next morning, I was able to get out of bed! I was so excited. Being stuck in a bed is not something I do well with, so being able to stand up (even if it hurt) was awesome.  The next few days were pretty calm - we had some visitors, we watched lots of random TV, and we snuggled our baby.

I can't thank the nurses at Regions Hospital enough. They were so sweet, so helpful and I want to hug so many of them! It was such a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and we're so grateful for that. Apparently they liked us too, because several of the nurses said "we love coming in here! This is our calm spot today!" 

We stayed in the hospital until Saturday, September 26th, and when we were released, we were READY to get home. We missed our Weston, we missed our dogs and we missed our bed. 

My dad dropped Weston off shortly after we got home, and we quickly got into our new groove. Cooper and Grace came home on Sunday, and they were SO EXCITED to meet Tyler! 

Our life as a family of four (+ two dogs!) has been an adjustment, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Bringing Tyler into this world and watching Weston become a big brother has made my heart so happy, and I can't wait to watch the rest of their lives unfold!!!


Friday, October 2, 2015

looking back over the past 40 weeks {round 2}...

I wrote this summary post when I was at the end of my pregnancy with Weston, and it's one of my favorite posts, so I knew I wanted to write one for baby #2! It's a nice little roundup of everything pregnancy related on the blog, and is perfect for looking back over such a special time in our lives!


The past 40 weeks, I've had the privilege of growing our second healthy baby boy!

We decided to keep the pregnancy a secret from everyone but close family for the first 12 weeks, and what a hard secret that was to keep! Even though we weren't telling people, we have been celebrating it from the moment we found out! 

Even though I knew what to expect, watching that baby bump grow from itty bitty to the size of a watermelon was just as exciting the second time around!

We were lucky enough to get several ultrasounds, which is such a cool way to watch a baby grow! Going from a teeny little poppyseed to a full-grown baby... the magic of pregnancy is definitely not lost on me!

We wanted to make sure to celebrate this little baby just as much as we did Weston, so we had another gender reveal. Our sweet friend, Kristin, threw us the most adorable sprinkle, and we're so grateful! My sweet coworkers also made sure to celebrate baby boy, which meant the world to me!

Sara Jayne Photography is our family photographer for life, and we couldn't go through an entire pregnancy without taking some maternity photos! These pictures of our little family mean so much to me, and it makes my heart want to burst just looking at them! And to think... the next time she takes her camera out with our family, we'll have two little guys!!! 

A second pregnancy is definitely a different experience than the first time around, but I feel just as grateful! I have tried to enjoy every step, and document as much as possible!

Having this blog as a place to hold all of my important memories is so awesome, and I know I'll love looking back at all of these memories: